Finnish Defence Forces to upgrade PASI armoured personnel carriers

The Finnish Defence Forces received a mandate from Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö to procure a life cycle upgrade from the Finnish Patria Land Systems Oy. Life cycle upgrades are used to modernise 65 XA-180 armoured personnel carriers.

Modernisation ensures that the performance, condition and technical life cycle of the PASI armoured personnel carriers will extend into the 2030s. Their electric systems will be upgraded, power transmission components will be improved and suspension and external coating will be renewed. Seats with security belts will also be installed in the vehicles.

Life cycle upgrades are scheduled for 2018-2020. The procurement’s total value, including VAT, is about EUR 16 million with a domestic employment effect of 85 man-years.

It is a part of the national defence development programme to improve the mobility of troops; operational troops will be equipped with the modernised vehicles. The Army in particular will be developed during this electoral term because major strategic procurements for the Navy and the Air Force will have to decided on in the 2020s.


Source: Ministry of Defence Finland

Top image: XA-180 | Image credit: MoD Finland

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