Russian Arctic troops to receive Tor-M2DT air defence system

Russian forces operating in the Arctic and the country’s Far North are to be equipped with the Tor-M2DT short-range anti-aircraft missile system, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced 2 January.

The announcement was made by the Chief of Land Forces Air Defence, Lieutenant General Alexander Leonov.

The Tor-M2DT autonomous short-range anti-aircraft missile system is adapted for Arctic use and can operate in severe climatic conditions, extremely low temperature and difficult terrain.

Russia is currently expanding its military presence and capabilities in the Arctic and the far north, with military exercises, the opening of new military bases and an increase in permanent troop deployments.

The aim of Russia’s military expansion in the region will be to project its military power and secure vital economic and commercial interests. These moves will undoubtedly increase tensions with the U.S. and other littoral powers, however, any direct military confrontation remains unlikely.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said these measures were to ensure the region’s military security.


Top image: Tor-M2DT air defence system | Image credit: Russian MoD

Neil Ritchie is the founder and editor of Defence Today | Twitter: @NeilRitchie86

Neil Ritchie

Neil Ritchie is the founder and editor of Defence Today | Twitter: @NeilRitchie86

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