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Russian invasion of Ukraine updates

Updates on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and events in the region

Update: 16/04/2022 12:08

The General Staff of Ukraine reports that Russia has lost about 20,100 soldiers, 762 tanks, 1982 armored vehicles, 1458 other vehicles, 163 aircraft, 145 helicopters, 8 patrol boats, 371 Russian artillery pieces:

U.S. now believes the Russian warship Moskva that sunk was hit by two Ukrainian Neptune missiles:

Ukrainian officials say that around 7,000 unclaimed Russian corpses are in cold storage out of a total of 18,600 Russian battlefield fatalities. The Pentagon estimates that Russia has lost up to 20% of the force mobilised for the invasion of Ukraine:

US defence officials have stated that Russia has begun the mobilisation of around 60,000 conscripts and reservists for service in Ukraine ahead of major combat operations in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine:

The first 4 of 20 Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles have left Australia for Ukraine, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Friday. The Bushmasters, including two ambulance variants, were gifted to Ukraine and will be transported over the coming days:

The Czech Republic has begun transferring T-72 MBTs and BMP-1 IFVs to Ukraine:

Russian Su-35S downed over Ukraine in first combat loss:

UK military intelligence said the destruction of several oil tanks at the depot in Belgorod will likely add short-term strain to Russia’s already stretched logistics chains, particularly to those forces encircling Kharkiv:

Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopters reportedly strike an oil depot in the Russian city of Belgorod:

Russia begins to withdraw some forces away from Kyiv in what is believed to be a repositioning of troops:

The United States and its NATO allies are doing contingency planning for any possible Russian attack on NATO territory:

Russian military downplays fatality figures by claiming that only 1,351 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine in the last month. Western intelligence estimates that up to 15,000 have been killed:

Belarus expels most Ukrainian diplomats, shuts Ukraine’s consulate general as concerns grow that Belarusian armed forces may enter Ukraine:

“Clear evidence” Russian forces have “deliberately & intentionally targeted civilian infrastructure, hospitals, places of shelter”:

The United States has agreed to provide a Stryker mechanized infantry company for Bulgaria’s battlegroup:

Russian forces have launched a Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic missile in a strike on a Ukrainian arms depot:

Concern is being raised that Russia may be about to use chemical weapons in Ukraine:

Russian offensive operations remain stalled and are hindered by Ukrainian counterattacks:

Moldovan President Maia Sandu calls on Russia to withdraw from Transnistria:

Russian artillery has been moved closer to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv:

The U.S. believes that Russia is planning to use chemical weapons in Ukraine and also states that there will be further threats to use nuclear weapons:

UK deploying Sky Sabre ground-based air defence system and 100 troops to Poland:

A major movement of Russian government and military planes to the east was observed earlier:

A Russian military convoy from the Tskhinvali Region in South Ossetia heading for Ukraine:

Ben Wallace now confirms that the UK will be sending Starstreak air defence system to Ukraine:

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace again rejects the idea of a no-fly zone:

US & NATO allies are sending several surface-to-air missiles systems to Ukraine:

Reported increase of heavy small arms fire around Kyiv in the direction of Irpin and Bucha this afternoon:

Russian T80U main battle tanks from the 4th Guards Tank Division abandoned:

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian helicopters at Kherson Airport:

Russian artillery has hit residential areas in Kyiv:

A Russian drone flew over Poland before entering Ukrainian air space where it was shot down:

The drone that crashed in the Croatian capital was carrying a bomb:

Nine killed in a Russian airstrike on TV tower in western Ukraine:

Intense clashes reported north west of Kyiv:

A Tupolev Tu-141 Strizh Soviet-era reconnaissance drone flew undetected over Romania and Hungary before crashing in the Croatian capital of Zagreb:

A third Russian major-general has been confirmed killed by Ukrainian forces:

The US Army has deployed two Patriot anti-aircraft missile batteries at Rzeszow Airport, Poland:

A U.S. official estimates Russians have lost 5,000-6,000 killed in the first 2 weeks of battle:

U.S. sending two Patriot surface-to-air missile batteries to Poland:

UK has supplied Ukraine with 3,615 NLAW:

The latest satellite images from ImageSat International show possible surface-to-surface missile systems deployed in Belarus around 200km from Kyiv:

Poland has offered its entire fleet of MIG-29 fighter aircraft for shipment to Ukraine:

NATO ISR aircraft continue to keep watch on the situation in Ukraine:

US Defence Intelligence Agency head estimates between 2000-4000 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine:

Russia holding back its air force and precision-guided munitions in case of Russia-NATO conflict:

Death toll from a Russian airstrike in Ukraine’s Sumy rises to 21:

Latest update from UK Defence Intelligence:

Pentagon now assesses that nearly all of Russia’s pre-staged forces on the Ukraine border are now active inside Ukraine:

Reports that Ukraine has killed Russian Major-General Vitaly Gerasimov of Russia’s 41st Combined Arms Army near Kharkiv:


  • Ukrainian forces reportedly destroyed 30 Russian helicopters on the ground at Kherson International Airport
  • Ukrainian forces have reportedly retaken Mykolaiv airport
  • Nearly 100 percent of the Russian combat power prestaged at the Ukrainian border are now committed to the fight
  • Russia warns countries hosting Kyiv’s military aircraft could end up involved in an armed conflict
  • Heavy fighting reported to the northwest of Kyiv
  • Russia demands Paris protect its diplomatic missions in France
  • Russia announces third attempt at creating humanitarian corridors in Ukraine after reports its military violated previous ceasefires

05/03/2022 | 11:32 NATO has nearly doubled the number of military jets on alert across Europe

05/03/2022 | 11:14 Additional Russian forces were observed mobilising in the Eastern Military District

05/03/2022 | 11:12 Local authorities say Russia is not adhering to the ceasefire agreed upon to allow civilians to leave Mariupol. Evacuation has been reportedly halted.

04/03/2022 | 19:32 French President Macron “extremely worried” by Ukraine nuclear security risks.

04/03/2022 | 19:12 In a friendly fire incident near Kyiv, 9 Russian tanks and 4 armored personnel carriers were destroyed.

04/03/2022 | 18:29 At least 50 Russian soldiers from the 31st Separate Guards Airborne Assault Brigade (Ulyanovsk) destroyed by Ukrainian Special Forces in the battles for Gostomel near Kyiv over the past two days.

04/03/2022 | 17:58 President Vladimir Putin urged Russia’s neighbors not to escalate tensions, eight days after Moscow sent its forces into Ukraine.

04/03/2022 | 17:57 Russia is dropping cluster bombs on Ukraine, NATO’s Stoltenberg says. “We have seen the use of cluster bombs and we have seen reports of the use of other types of weapons which would be in violation of international law,” he told reporters in Brussels.

04/03/2022 | 17:54 NATO rejects intervening in Ukraine, including with a no-fly zone.

04/03/2022 | 17:33 Russian attack on Ukrainian nuclear power station “reckless” and “dangerous” US tells UN Security Council. US representative, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, has been telling the meeting that Russia’s actions were “reckless” and “dangerous”. “By the grace of God, the world narrowly averted a nuclear catastrophe last night. We all waited to exhale as we watched the horrific situation unfold in real-time.”

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