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Saab to supply RBS 70 air defence system to Lithuania

Swedish Defense Materiel Agency (FMV) and Lithuania’s procurement authority for defence equipment, DMA, have officially entered into a joint purchase agreement for Saab’s Robot System 70, (RBS 70 NG).

“In the security policy situation we find ourselves in, joint acquisitions, such as this one, are an important method for an efficient material supply and faster growth of our military capabilities. FMV is constantly working to develop collaborations with other countries and this will also be an important part of Sweden’s future NATO membership,” says Göran Mårtensson, director general of FMV.

This agreement not only expands upon an existing joint procurement agreement but also strengthens the strategic defence cooperation between the two countries.

The signed agreements consist of a joint purchase agreement between FMV and DMA, as well as a framework agreement specifically related to the RBS 70 NG between FMV and Saab.

Through the joint purchase agreement, DMA is able to utilize FMV’s framework agreement with Saab for the procurement of the RBS 70 NG. This arrangement ensures that both countries benefit from improved terms and prices, while also facilitating a swift and efficient procurement process for DMA.

Furthermore, FMV and DMA are actively engaged in discussions regarding the future development of this collaboration, with the aim of incorporating additional strategic materiel systems into their partnership.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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