Friday, 31 December, 2021

Air & Aerospace

Ireland orders two Airbus C295 MPA aircraft

Ireland’s Department of Defence (DoD) announced 13 December the acquisition of two Airbus C295 medium airlifters in a maritime surveillance configuration for service with...

Army & Land Forces

Naval & Maritime


Heavy clashes between Armenia, Azerbaijan over disputed region

Heavy fighting has begun between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. On Sunday morning, Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan said that Armenia...


Disconnected Operations: Keeping military assets and critical information in sight when ‘Going Dark’

Military organisations face increasing pressure to move to a more distributed operational model than ever before, making them less vulnerable to physical attack, but asking serious connectivity and logistical questions. Matt Medley, Senior Product Manager, IFS, explains the processes, tools and...

Defence logistics and support organisations have answered the 2020 digital wake-up call – data will dominate in 2021

Events over the last 12 months have provided a catalyst for digital initiatives within military organisations and their in-service support partners. We can even see projected defence spending for 2021 either remaining in line with previous years or indeed on the rise...

Total Asset Readiness: Coming to terms with the next stage of military transformation – five things not to miss

When assessing the warfighting capability of military forces across land, air and sea, it’s not uncommon for an Army, Navy or Air Force to be dealing with thousands of personnel and then thousands of military vehicles, ships and aircraft. Getting a...

Marching forward in double-quick time: How Covid-19 is accelerating digital change for defence organisations

The Covid-19 pandemic is exposing organisations across all industries to external forces that they could not have predicted—and we have seen time and time again how technology has been instrumental to help them weather this unforeseen storm. The global defence industry...