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Rampage air-to-ground missile

Long range air-to-ground precise strike weapon

Developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Rampage is an advanced, long-range weapon designed specifically for engaging and neutralizing heavily fortified targets.

Its primary purpose is to effectively eliminate critical infrastructure, such as communication hubs, command centres, air bases, and maintenance facilities. This seekerless, air-to-ground weapon is equipped with precision strike capabilities, ensuring accurate and targeted destruction.

One of the key advantages of Rampage is its user-friendly operation, as it can be deployed with a simple fire-and-forget mechanism. This autonomous weapon system is capable of operating independently, minimizing the risk to human operators. Additionally, Rampage exhibits exceptional survivability even at supersonic speeds, making it highly reliable in combat scenarios.

A notable feature of Rampage is its remarkable precision, which significantly reduces the likelihood of unintended damage to surrounding areas. This precision not only enhances the effectiveness of the weapon but also contributes to cost savings compared to alternative solutions.

Rampage offers versatility in its deployment options, as it can be utilized as a stand-alone system or integrated into an avionic system. It supports video transmission through the RS-170 interface and enables wireless communication, ensuring seamless connectivity. Furthermore, Rampage is engineered to operate efficiently in diverse weather conditions, providing reliable performance day or night.

Type:Air-to-ground missile
Country of origin:Israel
Designer:Israel Aerospace Industries
Manufacturer:Israel Aerospace Industries
In service:2018 – present
Operators:Israel, India
Weight:570 kg
Length:4.7 m (15 ft)
Diameter:306 mm
Guidance:GPS/INS guidance navigation with anti-jamming capabilities
Source: IAI
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