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TULPAR Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The TULPAR Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is a modern armoured combat vehicle developed by Otokar, a Turkish company. The TULPAR IFV is designed to provide high mobility, protection and firepower to infantry units in various combat scenarios.

The TULPAR IFV can carry up to nine soldiers, including the driver, commander and gunner. The vehicle is equipped with a 30 mm dual-feed automatic cannon, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and two anti-tank guided missile launchers. The TULPAR IFV also has a remote-controlled weapon station that can mount a 12.7 mm or 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

The TULPAR IFV has a modular armour system that can be tailored to the threat level and mission requirements. The vehicle can withstand 14.5 mm armour-piercing rounds, RPG-7 rockets and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The TULPAR IFV also has a nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection system, a fire suppression system and a smoke grenade launcher system. The vehicle has a V-shaped hull that deflects the blast waves from mines and IEDs.

The TULPAR IFV has a powerful engine that delivers 810 hp and a hydrostatic transmission that provides smooth and precise manoeuvrability. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h on the road and 50 km/h off-road. The TULPAR IFV has an independent suspension system that ensures a comfortable ride and high cross-country performance. The vehicle can climb 60% gradients, cross 2.1 m trenches and ford 1.1 m water obstacles. The TULPAR IFV has a range of 500 km with internal fuel tanks and can be refuelled from external sources.

The TULPAR IFV is compatible with various communication and navigation systems, such as radios, intercoms, GPS and thermal cameras. The vehicle has a digital battlefield management system that provides situational awareness and command and control capabilities to the crew and the infantry squad. The TULPAR IFV also has a laser warning system, an acoustic gunshot detection system and an active protection system that can detect and counter incoming threats.

The TULPAR IFV is one of the most advanced infantry fighting vehicles in the world. It offers a high level of protection, mobility and firepower to the infantry units in modern warfare. The TULPAR IFV is suitable for various missions, such as reconnaissance, security, escort, urban warfare and peacekeeping operations.

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