Monday 15 July, 2024

Boeing delivers first CH-47F Block II Chinook to US Army

Boeing has delivered the first CH-47F Block II Chinook to the US Army. The aircraft is one of up to 465 in the Army’s fleet that will be modernized to the new Block II configuration.

The CH-47F Block II features an upgraded drivetrain, a reinforced airframe, and an enhanced fuel system. These enhancements allow for an additional 4,000 pounds of max gross weight and extend the mission radius for almost all payloads. In addition to these capability improvements, the aircraft’s design allows for easy integration of future technology upgrades.

Additionally, the company’s Block II program enhances aircraft sustainment. The improved reliability of the new rotor system minimizes unscheduled maintenance, and the simplified fuel system enhances sustainment efficiency, reducing maintenance burden and cost.

“The CH-47F Block II provides capability improvements allowing the U.S. Army to lift more, fly farther and maintain their aircraft better than ever before,” said Heather McBryan, vice president and program manager, Cargo Programs. “This modernization program enables the battle-tested Chinook to play a key role in multi-domain operations going forward.”

“As the Army’s Heavy Lift platform of tomorrow, the CH-47F Block II provides increased capability while continuing support of the Army’s requirement to remain strategically responsive across the full spectrum of operations,” said Viva Kelly, U.S. Army Cargo Helicopters acting project manager.

The US Army has stated that the CH-47F Block II supports the Army’s requirement for a heavy-lift helicopter to execute full spectrum operations. A unit equipped with the Chinook provides heavy lift capability to accomplish critical tasks across the operational environment including air assault, air movement, causality evacuation, aerial recovery, and area resupply. The Chinook’s range, speed, and lift capacity allow for operational flexibility.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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