Monday 15 July, 2024

F-35A certified to carry nuclear weapons

The F-35A Joint Strike Fighter has received operational certification to carry the B61-12 thermonuclear gravity bomb, according to a spokesperson for the F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO) who spoke with Breaking Defense.

A spokesperson for the JPO, Russ Goemaere, announced that the certification process for certain F-35A aircraft to carry the B61-12 was completed on 12 October, ahead of schedule. This certification has officially designated the F-35A as a “dual-capable” aircraft as it can carry both conventional and nuclear weapons. The completion of this process was a pledge made to NATO allies and was due to be completed by January 2024.

“The F-35A is the first 5th generation nuclear capable aircraft ever, and the first new platform (fighter or bomber) to achieve this status since the early 1990s. This F-35 Nuclear Certification effort culminates 10+ years of intense effort across the nuclear enterprise, which consists of 16 different government and industry stakeholders,” Goemaere said.

“The F-35A achieved Nuclear Certification ahead of schedule, providing US and NATO with a critical capability that supports US extended deterrence commitments earlier than anticipated.​”

The F-35A aircraft is approved to carry only the newer B61-12 variant, which will replace the older models. However, this certification does not extend to the short takeoff and vertical landing F-35B and carrier-launched F-35C variants.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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