Monday 15 July, 2024

German Typhoons to be equipped with Brimstone missiles

The Luftwaffe has announced plans to equip its Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft with Brimstone air-launched ground attack missiles.

The procurement plan includes buying 274 Brimstone missiles produced by the European defence company MBDA. This move marks a significant advancement in Germany’s defence capabilities, as the Brimstone missile is well known for its precision and effectiveness in anti-tank warfare.

The integration of Brimstone missiles into the Typhoon fleet is expected to improve the Luftwaffe’s striking power against surface targets. The acquisition of Brimstone missiles is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of this year, which will be a crucial step in bolstering Germany’s military preparedness.

The air-launched Brimstone was developed by MBDA UK for the UK’s Royal Air Force and was originally designed for engaging mass formations of enemy armour. The missile utilizes a millimetre wave active radar homing seeker to ensure precision even against moving targets.

Operationally deployed in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, Brimstone has proven to be able to perform surgical strikes in time-critical missions against both static and manoeuvring targets.

The 50 kg Brimstone missile features a tandem shaped-charge warhead weighing 6.3 kg with a smaller initial charge of approximately 100 g to initiate reactive armour, followed by a larger, more destructive 6.2 kg charge to penetrate and defeat the base armour.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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