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Germany to equip Eurofighter fleet with Brimstone missiles

MBDA has been awarded a contract by the German Bundeswehr to produce and deliver Brimstone 3 air-launched precision strike missiles for the German Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft. A final assembly line and service centre for Brimstone will be established at MBDA’s Schrobenhausen site.

Germany’s federal parliament budget committee approved the purchase of MBDA Brimstone 3 missiles in a framework deal that includes an order of up to 3,266 missile units. The initial order will be for 378 missiles, totaling up to EUR 376 million (USD 402 million).

Approximately 274 units will be used for operational purposes, 29 for testing, and the remaining 75 for training. The delivery will also include pylons for weapon suspension, auxiliary and diagnostic equipment, as well as toolkits and training materials. Deliveries are expected to commence by 2028.

The air-launched Brimstone was developed by MBDA UK for the UK’s RAF and was originally designed for engaging mass formations of enemy armour. The missile utilizes a millimetre wave active radar homing seeker to ensure precision even against moving targets.

Brimstone is a battle-tested tactical strike weapon designed to engage a wide range of targets both directly and indirectly. This includes Main Battle Tanks, buildings, fast-moving vehicles, and maritime vessels.

The latest generation of Brimstone builds upon 18 years of successful front-line operations with the RAF. It has been deployed in conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iraq. Brimstone is known for its ability to conduct precise strikes in time-critical missions, with capabilities for day, night, and all-weather operations.

The 50 kg Brimstone missile features a tandem shaped-charge warhead weighing 6.3 kg with a smaller initial charge of approximately 100 g to initiate reactive armour, followed by a larger, more destructive 6.2 kg charge to penetrate and defeat the base armour.

Eric Béranger, Chief Executive Officer of MBDA said: “The procurement of Brimstone 3 by Germany is a decisive contribution to the harmonisation of armaments in Europe and the Bundeswehr’s ammunition stockpile. The new production line is the first of its kind outside the UK and demonstrates the value of the MBDA cooperation model in ensuring the sovereign supply of critical European defence capabilities.”

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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