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Slovakia selects CV90 IFV

BAE Systems announced on 28 June that Slovakia has selected the CV90 MkIV as its new infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

The CV90 will replace Slovakia’s fleet of BVP-1 and BVP-2 IFVs which were licensed produced, Czech-made variants of the Soviet BMP-1 and BMP-2 IFVs.

In February 2022, the Swedish defence procurement agency (FMV) offered the CV90 combat vehicle to Slovakia as part of the central European country’s IFV procurement program.

“Slovakia will sign a government-to-government contract for the delivery of 152 BAE Hägglunds CV90 MkIV tracked IFVs from Sweden in an effort to build heavy mechanized brigade, reinforce its defence and support local industry,” Slovak defence minister Jaroslav Nad said.

According to BAE, the CV90 MkIV is a fifth-generation combat-proven IFV that combines improved battlefield speeds and handling with an upgraded Electronic Architecture to support future growth capabilities.

The MkIV represents the next step in the evolution of the CV90 concept that builds on a proud legacy of best-in-class mobility and survivability spanning more than two decades. The CV90 MkIV brings unrivalled technological capabilities and flexibility to today’s complex battlefield.

With a new engine, the MkIV boasts up to 1,000 horsepower and the latest upgraded X300 heavy-duty transmission. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is increased from 35 tonnes to 37 tonnes, offering users two tonnes of extra payload without a decrease in vehicle agility. The MkIV generation will also be the first Western IFV with a qualified Active Protection System.

Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90)

Type:Infantry fighting vehicle
Country of origin:Sweden
Manufacturer:BAE Systems AB
Produced:1993 – present
In service:1993 – present
Operators:Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
Weight:23–37 tonnes
Length:6.55 m
Width:3.1 m
Height:2.7 m
Crew:3 (commander, gunner, driver) + 8 passengers
Main armament:40mm Bofors L/70 autocannon; 35mm/50 Bushmaster autocannon; 30mm Bushmaster autocannon
Secondary armament:7.62 mm Ksp m/39 machine gun; 6 × 76 mm grenade launchers
Engine:Scania DS14 14 litres diesel I6; DC16 16 litres diesel V8 engine
550–1000 hp (410–745 kW) 3,055 Nm max
Range:320 km (200 mi) +
Speed:70 km/h (43 mph) +
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