Monday 15 July, 2024

Anti-ship missile fired at US destroyer in Red Sea

US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced that on 14 January an anti-ship cruise missile was fired from an Iranian-backed Houthi area of Yemen toward USS Laboon (DDG 58), which was operating in the Southern Red Sea.

CENTCOM stated that the attack on the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Laboon occurred at approximately 1645 (Sanaa time) and that the missile was shot down in the vicinity of the coast of Hudaydah by US fighter aircraft. There were no injuries or damage reported.

The incident came two days after the US and UK launched air and missile strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen following attacks on US and UK warships and commercial vessels operating in the Red Sea.

Since November, Houthi forces have been engaging in aggressive actions against ships in the Red Sea, carrying out over 100 drone and missile attacks on vessels traversing the crucial shipping lane. This rebel group, supported by Iran, holds significant control over Yemen and has previously stated that their assaults target ships associated with Israel, as a response to the conflict in Gaza.

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