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Estonian special forces train in crisis response

In December, the Estonian Special Operations Command conducted an international exercise on the island of Saaremaa to practice crisis response, simulate realistic scenarios, and cooperate with the K-commando tactical unit of the Estonian Police, the Defence Police Board, as well as foreign partners.

The training activities were conducted at various locations across Saaremaa, ranging from the county centre of Kuressaare to the port at Kuivastu. Private residences, office buildings, ports and harbours were utilized to provide the participants with a realistic training experience.

“An exemplary crisis situation was chosen as the time frame, where no state of emergency has been established, but there are signs that the enemy has started preparations for activities against the Estonian state,” said the special operations officer who led the exercise.

“The exercise can be considered a success because the main goal – practicing cooperation with different units – was fulfilled and the training places were identified. The joint understanding and cooperation of the Defence Forces, the Ministry of the Interior and the allies is of significant importance in order to ensure a quick response to various crisis situations.”

The Estonian Special Operations Forces (ESTSOF) report directly to the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) and are responsible for carrying out unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance and surveillance, military support, and direct action. ESTSOF also provides relevant training to the EDF and the Defence League.

The Special Operations Command is a unit that operates under the direct authority of the Commander of the Defence Forces. It is responsible for organizing unconventional warfare, conducting special operations, and providing specialized training to both the Defence Forces and the Defence League.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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