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Collins Aerospace selected to provide Large Area Display Typhoon cockpit

BAE Systems has chosen RTX business Collins Aerospace to provide Large Area Display technology for future Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft cockpits.

This ultra-high-definition display will be integrated into BAE Systems’ Project Medulla, a rapid capability development program aimed at investing in future technologies for use in combat air.

“The selection of Collins Aerospace as the current best athlete for the LAD equipment will support our continued investment into our combat air platforms, including Typhoon,” said Ian Clark, Head of Medulla, BAE Systems Air. “Together with upgraded mission systems and increased processing power our teams are developing, the LAD will enable pilots to harness the full potential of Typhoon’s advanced in radar and weapons technology ensuring the aircraft remains the backbone of combat air power for decades to come.”

“Our Large Area Display for Eurofighter Typhoon cockpits represents a game-changing advancement in combat aviation,” said Craig Bries, VP GM, Marketing, Sales, & Aftermarket Services, Collins Aerospace. “Specifically designed for combat aircraft, the Large Area Display will revolutionise aerial operations by offering complete situational awareness and unparalleled operational effectiveness providing fighter pilots with an unmatched advantage.”

The Large Area Display will serve as a critical tool for pilots, gathering flight data, sensor inputs, and tactical information into an easily accessible interface. With real-time data feeds from various sources, pilots will have an updated view of the battlefield, allowing them to make quick and precise decisions during high-stakes engagements.

The display’s user-friendly design and touchscreen technology will streamline information flow, reducing cognitive workload and enabling pilots to focus on critical tasks and maneuvers. This technology will help pilots manage complex aerial scenarios, optimize flight paths, and respond proactively to enemy threats.

Collins Aerospace stated that they will work with BAE Systems to develop a large-area display solution that minimizes obsolescence and development schedule risks while incorporating the latest available display technologies. Collins Aerospace has a long-standing relationship with BAE Systems, having collaborated on successful programs such as the Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, and Hawk aircraft.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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