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Luftwaffe to equip Typhoon fleet with E-Scan radar

The German Luftwaffe will equip its entire fleet of Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft with electronically scanned (E-Scan) radars following the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag approving an amendment agreement.

This will ensure that the entire Typhoon fleet will be equipped with a modern E-Scan radar by 2028. The radar will allow pilots to detect and track air-to-air and air-to-ground targets more effectively, including multiple targets at once.

Additionally, the new electronic beam-sweeping radar will be less susceptible to jamming. Newly ordered fighter jets will come equipped with the E-Scan radar, with 38 Eurofighter Typhoons joining the force from 2025 to replace older models. The remaining aircraft will have their radars retrofitted in the future.

The 197.7 million euros needed for the contract change will be financed from the regular defense budget.

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