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RAF F-35 Lightnings deploy to Estonia

F-35B Lightning aircraft from RAF Marham have arrived at Amari airbase in Estonia to carry out NATO enhanced Vigilance Activity.

This activity provides air policing of NATO airspace, further contributing to the security of Europe. Previously the airbase has been regularly used by RAF Typhoons on Operation AZOTIZE to carry out the NATO Baltic Air Policing, safeguarding the integrity of NATO’s airspace.

Ross Allen, UK Ambassador to Estonia said:

“It’s fantastic to have the RAF here.  For the Estonians, having extra Allied aircraft and troops is a great support to them, particularly with regards to the regional security situation.  It adds to both deterrence and reassurance, so having the extra capability here is much appreciated.  The reassurance that NATO has given has been absolutely crucial to the Estonians.  Having the additional NATO capabilities here provides extra reassurance and the security that being part of the organisation with its Article Five guarantee gives them.”

Aside from their state-of-the-art stealth technology, the 5th generation Lightnings carry a variety of weapons and are capable of multiple simultaneous missions.

The RAF has also deployed additional Typhoons from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

The UK leads Estonia’s eFP battlegroup and recently doubled its deployment of soldiers to 1,600.

Source: Royal Air Force press release

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