Monday 15 July, 2024

Saab unveils Deployable Digital Tower

Saab has revealed the r-TWR Deployable, a deployable digital tower that can be used for flexible air traffic control missions. The r-TWR Deployable is designed to meet the needs of air forces that operate in challenging environments, where permanent airbases may be threatened or unavailable.

The r-TWR Deployable can also be useful for humanitarian missions, where rapid deployment of air traffic infrastructure is needed.

The r-TWR Deployable consists of a modular system that includes cameras, sensors, communication equipment and an operator shelter, all mounted on one or two trailers that can be easily transported by road, rail or air.

The system can be set up within an hour and can provide a 360-degree view of the airspace and the landing strip. The system can also be operated remotely from a secure location at a base or connected to a centralised facility hundreds of miles away, keeping military personnel safe.

“We can already in 2023 offer a deployable digital tower for military and disaster relief missions to meet today’s needs, where speed can be key. Our experience from air traffic management and defence solutions gives us the expertise needed to create the new capability we call r-TWR Deployable,” says Peter Engberg, head of Saab’s business unit Traffic Management.

The r-TWR Deployable can be integrated with various Saab capabilities depending on customer needs. This includes TactiCall Voice Communication System for safe and cyber secure communications, Giraffe 1X lightweight multi-mission surveillance radar with Drone Tracker capability, Sirius Compact passive surveillance for tactical applications and Barracuda camouflage for a reduced multispectral signature.

The r-TWR Deployable was unveiled at the Turku Airshow in Finland on June 16, 2023. Saab partnered with Conlog Oy, a Finnish company that provides expandable shelters and mast systems, to create this innovative product.

Saab claims that the r-TWR Deployable is the first of its kind in the world and that it offers a new capability for air traffic management and defence.

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