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Military Space Situational Awareness Conference

Military Space Situational Awareness Conference
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK
27th -28th April 2022

As our orbital environment becomes ever more congested and contested, the need for effective Situational Awareness to support space operations has become increasingly important.

SMi Group is proud to announce that the 17th annual Military Space Situational Awareness Conference will take place on the 27th and 28th April 2022 in London, UK.

As the leading conference in Europe dedicated to space domain awareness, Military Space Situational Awareness 2022 will bring together leading experts from the UK, US, Europe and beyond, to discuss how we can build a collaborative approach to space management, as well as how we must balance operational necessity with responsible use of space.

Event Highlights:

  • NEW FOR 2022: Norwegian Space Agency, Luxembourg DOD, German Space Situational Awareness Centre, and the USSF 18th Space Control Squadron
  • Exclusive updates on the DARC program from Space Systems Command, US Space Force
  • Dedicated sessions on improvements in Space Weather tracking technology 
  • The only SSA event focused entirely on military and defence issues, including international collaboration, space debris, and domain awareness
  • Hear key programme updates from across the world, including the UK, USA, Italy, Japan,
    Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Canada, and more
  • Understand the UK’s future role in military SDA provision from UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency

SMi Group will now host a dedicated week of events as part of our Space and Satellites portfolio: ‘SPACE WEEK‘, taking place in London, UK, on 25th – 28th April 2022.

The Military Space Disruptive Technology Conference and Military Space Situational Awareness Conference are “must-attend” events for any professional working in the space domain.

View the agenda or register online at http://www.military-space.com/DefenceTWL

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