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PIORUN man-portable air-defence system

Manufactured by Polish defence company Mesko, the PIORUN man-portable air-defence system (MANPADS) is a modernised version of the GROM MANPADS and is designed to destroy low-flying fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The missile has a fuse equipped with a proximity sensor, which allows for destroying the target in case of its close passing.

The modernized launcher also features an additional day sight and a thermal vision sight, allowing the operator to efficient set usage also in night conditions.

The missile set has a new starting mechanism, that allows among others selection of pursuit-collision mode, target type, weather conditions, performs Friend or Foe inquiry, communicates with optical and thermal imaging sights, and can be equipped with an authorization system.


Type:Man-portable air-defence system (MANPADS)
Country of origin:Poland
In service:2019 – present
Users:Poland, Ukraine
Weight:16.5 kg (loaded)
Length:1.56 m
Diameter:72 mm
Missile weight:10.5 kg
Warhead:High Explosive Fragmentation
Warhead weight:1.82 kg
Engine:Solid-fuel rocket motor
Operational range:400 – 6000+ m
Maximum speed:2,400 km/h (1,500 mph)
Guidance:Infrared homing
Launch platform:Shoulder-fired

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