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Russian armoured column destroyed near Urozhaine

The details of the battle near Urozhaine, in which Russian forces incurred heavy losses during an unsuccessful attack, have recently come to light.

Russian forces made an attempt to launch an assault on Ukrainian positions in the Tavria direction. The Ukrainian positions selected for the attack were situated near the recently liberated settlement of Urozhaine in the southern part of the Donetsk region.

On 28 September, Russian forces endeavoured to capture Urozhaine using infantry, main battle tanks, and infantry fighting vehicles. However, their attack proved to be a resounding failure, resulting in the defeat of their armoured group.

The Separate Presidential Brigade, in conjunction with the 20th separate special purpose battalion, the assault company of the 710th security brigade of the State Special Transport Service, and supported by the artillery of the 58th separate motorized infantry brigade, engaged the occupiers. It is worth noting that drones from the “Birds of Magyar” group were also involved in this battle.

According to the Presidential Brigade, our aerial reconnaissance and anti-tank units, equipped with FPV drones, effectively disrupted the enemy’s plans. As a result, 6 tanks and 3 BMPs were destroyed, and approximately 30 occupiers were neutralized.

In the video footage released by the Presidential Brigade, several tanks and BMPs can be seen coming under attack. Subsequently, after the battle, the drone captured images of two disabled T-80BV and T-72B3 tanks, several BMPs, one BRM-1K, and Russian infantry scattered across the fields.

Furthermore, the Russians made an attempt to salvage a T-80BV tank using an armoured repair and evacuation vehicle. However, Ukrainian strike drones intercepted them in the vicinity of the village of Staromlynivka, which is located near Urozhaine.

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