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Ukraine destroys Russian S-400 system in Crimea

Ukrainian forces destroyed a Russian S-400 air defence system at Dzhankoi airfield in Russian-occupied Crimea on Wednesday using US-supplied MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS).

During the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Russian Dzhankoi military airfield in occupied Crimea was hit by as many as six massive explosions. The horizon was lit up by secondary blasts and local social media reported that a long-range Ukrainian missile strike caused considerable damage.

Reports and information suggest that the Ukrainian ballistic missiles were successful in striking at least six targets, starting at about 0330 Kyiv time. Hours later, Russian milbloggers claimed that US-made ATACMS missiles were used in the attacks.

Atesh, a Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar underground resistance movement operating in the Crimea, reported that “Damage to the latest S-400 system has been confirmed, with the launcher being blown up and serious damage done to the other machines of the system. The occupiers had so much faith in their latest air defence system that they placed the missile storage points right next to the launcher.”

According to a reliable monitoring group called Crimean Wind, which focuses on Crimea, approximately 30 Russian servicemen were killed in the strike while about 80 others sustained injuries.

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