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Finland orders Patria 6×6 armoured vehicles

Finland has announced a major deal with Patria to acquire 91 armoured 6×6 personnel carriers for the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). The procurement, valued at around 208 million euros, is part of a multinational project led by Finland to develop a common armoured vehicle system for four countries: Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Germany.

The project, known as CAVS (Common Armoured Vehicle System), aims to create a range of different versions of Patria’s 6×6 vehicles that meet the specific requirements of each participating country. The vehicles are designed to operate in various terrains and climates and to provide mobility, protection and firepower for the troops.

Patria signed the agreement for 91 vehicles with the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command on June 2, 2023. The purchase also includes spare parts, tools, user and maintenance training, and an option for up to 70 additional vehicles. The deliveries of the vehicles will begin in 2023 and continue until 2025.

The FDF had previously acquired three pre-series vehicles from Patria in 2022, which were tested and evaluated before the final order. The FDF said that the vehicles performed well in the tests and met their expectations. The FDF also said that the procurement will enhance their mobility and capabilities with domestically manufactured vehicles that are cost-effective throughout their life cycle.

Patria’s Executive Vice President of the Finland Division, Jussi Järvinen, said that the order was a significant milestone for the CAVS project and for Patria. He said that Patria 6×6 vehicles are already being manufactured in Hämeenlinna, Finland for three countries: Finland, Latvia and Sweden. He also said that Patria 6×6 vehicles will continue the legacy of the XA-series vehicles, better known as Pasi, which have been used by the FDF since the 1980s.

The CAVS project has attracted interest from other countries as well, and it is open to new members with the consent of the existing ones. Germany joined the project recently and is expected to place an order for Patria 6×6 vehicles soon. Patria said that it is ready to offer its vehicles and expertise to other potential customers who are looking for a modern and versatile armoured vehicle system.

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