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Oshkosh receives JLTV order from Israel

Oshkosh Defense announced that the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) has placed orders for Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). A total of 75 JLTVs were purchased via Foreign Military Sale (FMS), and dozens more were purchased via Direct Commercial Sale (DCS).

“We are proud to support the Israeli Defense Forces with a fleet of protected and highly mobile Joint Light Tactical Vehicles,” said Tim Bleck, senior vice president of Oshkosh Corporation and president of Oshkosh Defense.

“We’ve worked with the IMOD on a multitude of programs for more than a decade, and we look forward to demonstrating our continued commitment to this partnership with the JLTV.”

Oshkosh Defense stands as the sole manufacturer capable of providing JLTVs through DCS. Moreover, they remain committed to assisting NATO, and Allied Forces in their pursuit of military modernization by offering the battle-tested payload, performance, and protection of the JLTV for the foreseeable future.

In November, Oshkosh Defense received a $208 million order from the U.S. Army for additional JLTVs, JLTV trailers, and associated kits as well as a $160 million order for JLTVs for international allies including Mongolia, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Slovakia.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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