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Technamm to showcase new special forces vehicles at SOFINS

Technamm, a French company that specializes in designing and manufacturing vehicles for special forces, is preparing to unveil two new models at the upcoming SOFINS show in Bordeaux. The show, which will take place from 28-20 March, is a biennial event that showcases innovations and solutions for special operations.

The two new vehicles are the Fennec 2 and the Masstech Commando. Both are based on existing civilian platforms but have been modified and upgraded to meet the specific needs and requirements of special forces units.

The Fennec 2 is a light 4×4 vehicle derived from the Suzuki Jimny. It has a crew of three, with a secondary gun mount in the right front position. The vehicle can be armed with a 12.7mm machine gun or a grenade launcher on a circular turret. The Fennec 2 has a top speed of 130 km/h and a range of 500 km. It can be transported by air by C-130 Hercules or A400M Atlas aircraft.

The Masstech Commando is a heavier 6×6 vehicle based on the Toyota Series 70 chassis. It has a crew of four and can carry up to eight passengers or two tons of cargo in its rear compartment. The vehicle can be fitted with various weapons systems, such as a 20mm cannon, a missile launcher or a mortar. The Masstech Commando has a top speed of 110 km/h and a range of 800 km. It can also be airlifted by C-130 or A400M aircraft.

According to Technamm’s president, Dominique Croizat, both vehicles have been developed in response to feedback from potential customers who are looking for small, agile and heavily armed vehicles for special operations missions. He said that Technamm has already received orders from France and Jordan for the Masstech Commando, while the Fennec 2 is still looking for its first buyers.

Technamm is one of the main vehicle suppliers to French special forces, along with Arquus and Renault Trucks Defense. The company has been providing vehicles such as the Masstech T4 Patrol (VOSPAT), the Masstech T6 Logistics (VOS-APP) and the Masstech Barkhane (PLFS) to various units under the Special Operations Command (COS). Technamm also exports its vehicles to several countries in Africa and Asia.

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