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Rostec delivers 2S40 Phlox 120mm self-propelled mortars to Russian Army

The Russian Ground Forces have received the first batch of the 2S40 Phlox 120mm wheeled self-propelled artillery system from Russian arms manufacturer Rostec.

The system is mounted on a protected off-road vehicle chassis, which allows for quick changes in firing position. The crew and ammunition compartments are protected by an armoured cabin, providing increased safety during marches and position changes.

Rostec stated that the Phlox can fire simultaneously in attack mode, where multiple shells are fired at different angles to reach the target and that it takes less than a minute to move the gun from travel to combat position, with reduced load on the chassis when fired.

The Phlox is intended to equip artillery batteries to eliminate enemy personnel, weapons, and equipment within the battalion’s area of responsibility.

“The transfer of Phlox to the Ministry of Defense is part of our great work to equip the army with modern artillery systems. This weapon is both a cannon and a mortar, because it can fire both shells and mines without slowing down. Phlox has improved mobility and security, it rationally balances manual and automated operations, and makes the work of the crew as easy as possible. Combined with a relatively low price, all this makes the weapon accessible and in demand among the troops,” said Bekhan Ozdoev, industrial director of the complex of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemicals of the Rostec State Corporation.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
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