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Israel weighs response to Iranian attacks

Israel has been advised by allies to refrain from escalating the situation as it contemplates its response to Iran’s unprecedented missile and drone attack.

On Saturday, Tehran reportedly launched over 300 projectiles at Israel, claiming that it was retaliating against a strike on its consulate in Syria.

Israel’s military has presented a range of options for possible strikes against Iran. The war cabinet is currently examining these options in a meeting. According to an Israeli source, Israel cannot allow a significant attack involving more than 300 drones and missiles to go unanswered.

Some Israeli politicians believe that a powerful message should be sent to prevent Iran from repeating its actions. However, key members of the war cabinet are emphasizing the opportunity to strengthen the “strategic alliance” against the threat from Iran. They hope to build on the support shown by the US, UK, Jordan, and other allies in thwarting the attack.

The war cabinet is currently exploring various military options, one of which involves attacking an Iranian facility. However, Israeli officials are considering a plan that would send a message without causing any casualties. This approach presents a significant challenge, which is why there is an ongoing debate about the best course of action. It is unclear when a final decision will be made.

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