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Winter warfare capabilities tested in Swedish exercise Northern Wind

Exercise Northern Wind 19 is currently being conducted in northeastern Sweden with the aim of testing winter warfare capabilities and also to enhance Sweden’s capability to conduct combat operations at brigade level with units from partner nations.

Colonel Stefan Smedman Exercise Director said, “Exercises like these provide superb training opportunities from section right up to Brigade level. Exercise NORTHERN WIND will demonstrate our defensive Brigade concept and build upon various capacities. We are very aware of the importance of operating in all conditions and the demands placed on military skills and equipment. I am very pleased that we have forces from NATO here in Sweden, where we can both learn from each other and build upon our interoperability and standards.”

Colonel Mats Ludvig said, “It’s great for us to exercise in our actual wartime terrain and take on an equally high-tech opponent. In addition, we get to exercise in a large area that gives us the opportunity to manoeuvre our units over a large area of inaccessible winter terrain.”

Around 10,000 personnel are taking part in Northern Wind 19, with around 7,000 coming from partner nations of Finland, Norway, United States and the United Kingdom.

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